A man should never neglect his family for business. -Walt Disney

A man should never neglect his family for business. -Walt Disney

I’d never right my wrongs less I write em down fo real.

Mr. Lamar

woahhh no adoption is far from conception

I should adopt myself 

maybe I’d take better care of myself if I did that.

kinda like how the US should invade itself and then bring back democracy and let everyone smoke homosexual weed and the minimum wage can be $12 an hour and we can ride unicorns on the way to work. 

shit I got work at 7:30 tomorrow

I guess I can listen to a pixes song once more

maybe thrice

Drunk and Tumbling

It’s nice to see people happy. I’m so caught up in my career and all that bullshit and sometimes it takes a few beers to bring you back to a more comfortable thought process. 

I’m still fighting with myself to be truthful with myself and tell myself that what I’m doing now will pay me back in the long run. 

I truly believe the voice inside me and I’m not sure if it’s the best person to be listening to right now. 

But as Churchill, I think, said, “Tomorrow I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” 

But the unfortunate part is I’ll be sober tomorrow and the machine I’ve made of myself will start up, powered by coffee and lust for money. And I’ll continue to make myself uglier and uglier. And I might die richer than I could ever imagine, but I’ll be the ugliest mutherfucker you’ve ever set eyes on. 

Why does the 9 to 5, or in my case, 7:30 to 22:00, make me happy? 

My tuition is paid. Thank goodness. 

I have what I need and have the ability to order what I want. But life brings you to the valleys and crevices where money doesnt matter and you’d rather just have peace and joy. 
I suppose and hope from the depths of my being that I will have the opportunity to allow for space in my life to open up enough to bring in a bit of humanity. 

Give me this last year. Let me build myself. And then we will encounter a hurdle. And I will have to figure out my way. 

I just hope that my commercialist, economist, and asshole businessman mentality will grow into something that will be directed toward the happiness of others rather my own greed and selfishness. 

*Dortmunder Gold cap pops off*

I need a vacation from this material world. 
I want success, but I want someone to share it with. 
I’ll just adopt, cause I can’t deal with women. Complication, expensive, and confusing only begins the first chapter of the first novel on how to understand a woman. 

Weeeee post this mutherfugga